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⌀ Balance⌀ MedianTitle⌀ Conversion %⌀ Trend %Step viewFlowchartsResultsForum⌀ Variance⌀ Bet Volume⌀ BetsRaise after
1944EC frequency0.321.138574311843loss
-35-9ALL IN ONE-17.50-8.75 492001
-46-3931→13-0.35-0.63 588130961310
-147-87Mega System-1.20-1.49 149113762910loss
-181-75Wait 6x Then Fibonacci-0.69-0.56260191634645loss
-222-1503x Black→Black-0.69-0.98231269316770loss
-230-108Sphinx-2.53-2.38 6491341634loss
-249-9113→31-1.93-1.46 530131011310
-332-277Go Zero Go-2.61-4.30 560131301313
-440-2113x Red→Black-1.73-1.68 211239285998loss
-524-453Wait 5x before Fibonacci-1.94-3.39 291254596094loss
-879-443Win Relativity-1.81-1.82 734869430183win
-1096-582Inaudi Wechselmarsch-1.32-1.401748290420730win
-1190-523perfektes [sic] Roulette System-2.20-1.94 448521422887loss
-1281-648bet the last color-2.56-2.59 655000050000
-1316-657Rot und Schwarz im Trend-2.63-2.63 575000050000
-1329-638Artur Jagger-2.66-2.56584999349993
-1350-674simple Wrangler-2.70-2.70 564999349993
-1383-724Flat Bet-2.77-2.89 605000050000