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StrategyBalanceMedianTrendVarianceBet VolumeCategoryid
Up and On606-21-0.0764.06584411 EC, Win Progression2001    
megalomania5981411.1113.45249691 EC, Loss Progression4843    
подвергать5623075.175.39116921 EC, Loss Progression, +ow1047    
Martingale on Red4923612.867.20248321 EC, Loss Progression, +ow2    
Go Zero Go47534817.0415.8140251 Single, Stop > 1001143    
Area 534321750.9014.85381631 EC, Loss Progression5199    
TvS d’Alembert4192313.9711.33114671 Sixline, Loss Progression312    
Martingale classique3581421.147.07246581 EC, Loss Progression, +ow189    
Red slide back3152622.0511.79252061 EC, Win Progression1327    
High/Low Martingale with ZeroStop295-272-2.427.19220741 EC, Loss Progression, Stops1590    
Hot EC Usury276-1029-0.6982.512923553 EC, Loss Progression4623    
Reverse Fibonacci on Black263-48-0.545.38170741 EC, Win Progression295    
Reverse Martingale Mutant 2.02623433.3111.98204201 EC, Loss Progression728    
1 Dozen Oscar Grind2611497.225.5340801 Doz, Win Progression, Stop > 02015    
ALL IN ONE250-517-3.39123.96300001 EC, Stop574    
of a Down +241-269-2.1933.6224131Singles, +ow, Stop > 991816    
Suparoli2212090.6628.68623671 EC, Loss Progression2615    
the Zero +17260.436.2028881 Single, Loss Progression, +ow, Stop > 0773    
Löwenherzstrategie170-177-3.7520.4192621 Single, Win Progression330    
cECZex Giga155-150-0.8910.40329891 EC, Loss Progression4981    

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