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Roulette Strategies

In the database of roulette strategies you will find an overview of all results of the system tests from the roulette simulator. Use the buttons to sort the table.

186 records
idBalanceMedianTitleConversion %Trend %Step viewFlowchartsResultsForumVarianceBet VolumeRaise after
2291035340Cumulative Streets3.071.92 57.7233753loss
1035759611the F-EC +5.308.1018.0714325loss
4060561126Color Chase3.251.39 21.9717254loss
16515365tempered luck1.882.53 17.8427447loss
421498198the Favorite +8.236.24 36.356054loss
35248014013→3150.0027.81 22.06960
1823396317Mosaic3.074.68 25.6212893win
95032192the Regular +4.572.50 43.777023loss
1390314168the F-EC + Rotation4.174.2512.027536loss
32782982Balance Strategy2.330.04 18.0312767loss
103290-299Orphelins0.64-1.26 104.6245196loss
906283367Last 1 & 2 - Num + Corner1.774.36 41.7115998
2911279118the Random +4.613.70 34.416057loss
1552250-33Thanos System1.36-0.35 30.8318326loss
13120618wachsende Sektoren L + 2L0.141.34148.0387360loss
567812068Kavouras Bet0.820.89 19.4814664
73811453Wait 6x Then Fibonacci2.842.5218.144008loss
1019106-36The last 2 +0.76-0.50 63.0413970loss
20907061EC frequency3.646.103.111924loss
396450-47Inaudi Wechselmarsch0.77-1.3910.626494win

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