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CategoryidStrategyBalanceMedianTrendVarianceBet Volume
1 EC, Loss Progression1150Loss Raise - just a little341514162.4145.04115527    
1 Single, Loss Progression386on balance / bei Saldo10232843.5139.3515933    
1 EC, Loss Progression2146Small But Nice990-77-0.1062.13154197    
2 Doz, Loss Progression1087Doz²roy8015152.1131.8648126    
4 Single, +ow, Stop > 03198die letzten 476629610.0614.545786    
3 Single4599Cold Single Numbers7202462.6926.3118000    
EC, Single, Loss Progression, +ow6Martingale on Red and Zero642-84-0.3022.1755513    
ECs, Loss Progression, +ow1390the F-EC + Rotation5634477.946.8311098    
1 Single, +ow, Stop > 02911the Random +53929018.466.403097    
1 EC, Loss Progression, +ow1035the F-EC +5243773.067.0124260    
2 Doz, Loss Progression4279Dozens Splitter4988522.9961.4056169    
Singles, Col, Loss Progression, Stops463712 Nuns47855514.8124.607370    
1 EC, Loss Progression4843megalomania448-102-0.9010.6922153    
1 Col, Win Progression, Stops1600paroli1.1446581.406.598257    
Loss Progression, +ow169F-TVS + R-TVP + Zero392-189-1.0631.3434774    
1 Doz, Loss Progression144Dutzendüberlagerung391711.117.9612656    
1 Doz, Loss Progression531perfektes [sic] Roulette System385-28-0.888.476215    
1 EC, Loss Progression, +ow1057мартингал381-44-0.347.0625747    
Loss Progression, +ow1727all types of Restants +3092773.2014.9817018    
1 EC, Loss Progression2919MG DelayDoubler272280.2119.8725938    

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