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Roulette Strategies

In the database of roulette strategies you will find an overview of all results of the system tests from the roulette simulator. Use the buttons to sort the table.

184 records
idBalanceMedianTitleConversion %Trend %Step viewFlowchartsResultsForumVarianceBet VolumeRaise after
1231809563golden Final 73.452.13 47.2652479loss
6031791217Favorite EC + Zero1.990.48 21.7690112loss
8381422-47the Last-1-1 +2.70-0.1847.4952686loss
10351361425the F-EC +3.592.226.3537948loss
61661114540original Paroli2.812.70 9.2339628loss
40311046106first 3x Single3.240.65 23.2732290loss
1143975-100Go Zero Go15.66-3.17 14.296225
3400925606Single Fav2 to Fav3 +0.851.10 50.85108803loss
1013867609Plein R+N+F1.932.68 45.0844961loss
2919767380MG DelayDoubler2.082.0517.2936808loss
1727670442all types of Restants +2.292.99 16.1229279loss
738540215Wait 6x Then Fibonacci4.273.388.0112654loss
1326491114Color slide back0.980.4513.5149982win
153243944Wait 5x before Fibonacci12.772.54 1.933437loss
950345-280the Regular +2.34-3.75 23.5114775loss
16315182tempered luck0.590.68 8.5553300loss
5193248221jelly1.021.79 5.9024430loss
1531247343Martingale progressive0.661.80 10.3737702loss
3104197-128Double Dozen Martingale0.31-0.40 7.3363526loss

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