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Roulette Strategies

In the database of roulette strategies you will find an overview of all results of the system tests from the roulette simulator. Use the buttons to sort the table.

189 records
idBalanceMedianTitleConversion %Trend %Step viewFlowchartsResultsForumVarianceBet VolumeRaise after
1761844643F-TVS + R-TVP + Zero (+1)6.054.01109.7530478loss
3771608876last SC win-4 loss+61.972.0464.6281546loss
6711244787Super 92.432.93 100.0151130loss
108515351TVS L + 2L + Zero1.632.12 72.9731507loss
838408-747the Last-1-1 +1.89-6.5869.6721588loss
312400222TvS d’Alembert5.335.64 13.727502loss
1590313493High/Low Martingale with ZeroStop2.206.57 22.2514252loss
57253132693 Reds then Black + Col 1&31.001.64 26.7131272loss
95025118the Regular +3.940.56 37.906373loss
4060245211Color Chase1.642.70 23.2714935loss
422232-91Paufler Traumprogression1.36-1.02 25.4617090loss
1707229-145my bank job3.63-4.40 31.036305loss
362261103x Red→Black14.7613.74 0.951531loss
1390171112the F-EC + Rotation2.473.0910.986935loss
291155261Reverse d’Alembert on Red1.103.5315.6714105win
84498250Roulette Trick0.623.0334.3715729loss
168891-80!L 2Dozens + Martingale0.33-0.55 22.3727812loss
201590-5131 Dozen Oscar Grind0.24-2.56 53.6738109win

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