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The roulette strategy database shows the results from the strategy simulator. Use the buttons to configure the table and chart.

189 records
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idBalanceMedianTitleConversion %Trend %Step viewFlowchartsResultsForumVarianceBet VolumeBetsRaise after
40179440Superlude Restants +35.9234.41 43432182loss
29007846Winning at Last1.792.25 1713533174win
4637753112 Nuns2.161.98 1763644191loss
21467311Small But Nice1.540.52934903198loss
4666821Super1317.7113.33 4065650loss
32706420Karoly Keilprogression11.597.19 17562200loss
7284720Reverse Martingale Mutant 2.07.926.98 18660200loss
520045134least and most0.733.43 1558377192loss
13274418Red slide back6.676.3214872200win
3774312last SC win-4 loss+61.150.56743856189loss
11434026Go Zero Go73.14107.18 28505
47338731→1351.7112.56 27525
35434-1Manque Plein ansteigend3.221.63 1432797193loss
38033431Ginessi-41.67-82.13 191088win
18613314last opposed color5.724.92 16716200loss
46232-1the Restant +19.806.4333285193loss
3303124Löwenherzstrategie14.5219.92 39334200win
31042810Double Dozen Martingale2.831.98 211244199loss
10324-1Orphelins2.230.63 1092075197loss
8442312Roulette Trick4.945.0518754199loss

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