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id⌀ Balance⌀ MedianTitle⌀ Conversion %⌀ Trend %Step viewFlowchartsResultsForum⌀ Variance⌀ Bet Volume⌀ BetsRaise after
115010072Loss Raise - just a little3.294.49 573475199loss
35481-11Manque Plein ansteigend4.420.30 1562648194loss
40175322Superlude Restants +18.2317.30 47505187loss
4664933Super1316.2120.75 3257848loss
15314823Martingale progressive9.639.3216672200loss
10774886Beat the Wheel1.806.73 1642159192win
1084719TVS L + 2L + Zero5.113.96 631351199loss
1244530best Friend with Zero7.608.42 66969199loss
17074419my bank job20.8316.83 3329256loss
46233933Hot EC Usury0.500.74 1049326197loss
13273615Red slide back5.944.6116909200win
157366Last just Straight-Up17.906.02 23200200
37633426Charles King3.144.02 1301850156loss
1057322мартингал5.882.56 18748200loss
4213028the Favorite +21.2430.07 36285197loss
32722213 SC static1.722.29 362725199loss
13262113Color slide back4.124.4716999200win
35220513→3146.0035.55 23525
20151961 Dozen Oscar Grind2.331.72 401561200win
1143197Go Zero Go8.21-6.14 26535

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