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StrategyBalanceMedianTrendVarianceBet VolumeCategoryid
4x Paroli on 2 Columns13425271.3949.20750922 Col, Win Progression532    
12 Nuns11713818.3523.829017Singles, Col, Loss Progression, Stops4637    
Suparoli10763650.8134.74888031 EC, Loss Progression2615    
die letzten 486335111.5611.4160134 Single, +ow, Stop > 03198    
Paufler Traumprogression342150.1013.25292261 Doz, Loss Progression422    
the Zero +2501175.877.1939261 Single, Loss Progression, +ow, Stop > 0773    
Cannonball1981081.0220.48208989 Single, Stops4694    
4152470.9815.3995684 Single, Stop > 20539    
TvS d’Alembert148620.9510.53129321 Sixline, Loss Progression312    
1 Dozen Oscar Grind1231324.625.8856551 Doz, Win Progression, Stop > 02015    
MG DelayDoubler123-249-1.7418.56281951 EC, Loss Progression2919    
The last 2 +116-3-0.149.4941682 Single, Loss Progression, +ow, Stop > 01019    
Inaudi Wechselmarsch971041.956.36105062 EC, Win Progression3964    
funded stakes96680.815.6516504EC, Loss Progression6171    
perfektes [sic] Roulette System70-333-10.4910.8062451 Doz, Loss Progression531    
Last-1-160280.2824.18201003 Single1070    
Fibonacci on Red46-15-0.155.13187211 EC, Loss Progression286    
ein Pleinausbleiber43-49-1.1123.1185251 Single, Loss Progression, +ow, Stop > 0161    
Color Fitzroy37-121-0.7911.59300951 EC, Loss Progression1232    
3x Black→Black33120.721.1832991 EC, Loss Progression, +ow34    

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