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The roulette strategy database shows the results from the strategy simulator. Use the buttons to configure the table and chart.

188 records found
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id⌀ Balance⌀ MedianTitle⌀ Conversion %⌀ Trend %Step viewFlowchartsResultsForum⌀ Variance⌀ Bet Volume⌀ BetsRaise after
738-42Wait 6x Then Fibonacci43.5242.262123216loss
1532-4-6Wait 5x before Fibonacci31.4725.23 57522loss
194263Mega System23.8823.08 13813loss
35214013→3121.00-6.02 22586
4212724the Favorite +20.9227.19 37291197loss
361153x Red→Black20.5619.23 19424loss
531-29-11perfektes [sic] Roulette System19.9726.63 2022412loss
40175523Superlude Restants +19.5117.77 46517188loss
17073512my bank job18.6412.24 3228153loss
191294Progression d’Alembert14.1922.3915914114loss
4663322Super1312.9016.89 3559247loss
34-5-13x Black→Black10.9312.5358425loss
47314531→1310.715.03 20586
15315328Martingale progressive10.3910.7913668200loss
15720-3Last just Straight-Up9.80-2.73 22200200
773132the Zero +8.995.97 35302200loss
1143197Go Zero Go8.21-6.14 26535
10471611подвергать7.869.54 9331100loss
1244530best Friend with Zero7.608.42 66969199loss
1057388мартингал6.954.43 15741200loss

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