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The roulette strategy database shows the results from the strategy simulator. Use the buttons to configure the table and chart.

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id⌀ Balance⌀ MedianTitle⌀ Conversion %⌀ Trend %Step viewFlowchartsResultsForum⌀ Variance⌀ Bet Volume⌀ BetsRaise after
473421431→1357.1428.86 31667
1532102Wait 5x before Fibonacci34.0528.99 46422loss
194262Mega System30.0428.86 03611loss
738-19-10Wait 6x Then Fibonacci29.8523.772423916loss
40177838Superlude Restants +22.5222.88 50527185loss
531-11-6perfektes [sic] Roulette System21.3222.72 1822012loss
36403x Red→Black18.6515.77 39123loss
34623x Black→Black18.2616.9528426loss
11436-3Go Zero Go15.71-8.02 20485
319612220The last 3 +15.186.52 66941199loss
7732315the Zero +13.1915.20 36299200loss
1912-19-5Progression d’Alembert11.5519.91171078124loss
354256114Manque Plein ansteigend10.519.55 1802705194loss
10810438TVS L + 2L + Zero9.888.15 611326199loss
4662223Super139.6813.55 3968951loss
10191619The last 2 +9.4012.49 50648199loss
1245350best Friend with Zero9.0613.39 64955199loss
1035245the F-EC +6.744.7417682190loss
213336my Strategy6.293.4320681200loss
15312720Martingale progressive5.947.5520689200loss

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