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I wanted to ask you if you could explain me the EC Frequency system you've done.
It is very interesting but i can't see the exact system.

Hello dear user ;-)

To understand this Roulette Strategy, you need to know how some features of the simulator work:

Factorized bets use the latest bet amount of the step before for the factor used in the step.
Here this happens in all steps besides the first one.

In the Steps 2-5 the function on balance makes the strategy jump back to the first step,
if the balance gets higher than -1.

The chance for the bet is defined by so called runtime chances,
which are derived from thresholds. Here its EC Restants (or laggards) out of 12 spins.

In all steps its all restants of the easy chances that occured less than x times.

This makes the strategy wait for a more "resting chance" on every loss.

You can display the statistics in the betlog to see the occurance counter of all chances.

I hope you can now understand how it works!

Have fun with strategies!
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