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en1635adminhowto: live mode020:46:49 20.02.2016 admin
en3018adminhowto: understand Histories009:48:12 01.01.2015 admin
en2367adminhowto: factorized bets011:51:57 17.11.2014 admin
en2485adminhowto: Statistics in the Betlog012:44:10 29.07.2014 admin
en4334adminThe TOP 10 Roulette Strategies011:05:13 14.12.2013 admin
en3188adminhowto: the step023:19:52 18.09.2013 admin
en3759adminVIDEO: long test run on a strategy023:02:08 12.09.2013 admin
en2851adminhowto: using own permanences018:22:51 04.09.2013 admin
en4139adminhowto: on balance017:04:32 15.08.2013 admin
en4184adminVIDEO: my strategy - creation and test017:50:30 09.08.2013 admin
en2422adminWhat kind of numbers is used?021:29:21 08.08.2013 admin
en4445adminComment to the Standard test configuration021:23:01 26.07.2013 admin
en2844adminhowto: start a board topic to a certain strategy011:19:05 25.07.2013 admin
en3644adminhowto: optimize chances018:53:38 16.07.2013 admin
en3272adminhowto: initial spins018:52:42 16.07.2013 admin
en3478adminhowto: abbreviations of the runtime chances in tests018:00:19 16.07.2013 admin
en3024adminhowto: runtime chances017:52:26 16.07.2013 admin
en4573adminhowto: + on win017:34:42 16.07.2013 admin
en3140adminknown bugs and changelog014:49:23 16.07.2013 admin

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