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en136trizeroThe Roulette Simulators Million Numbers310:49:16 19.09.2018 Gerald
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en68trizeroOnline Casino Spam311:44:55 25.08.2018 Tiffany1990gold
en1430komasterHow many turns for testing a system?406:01:19 22.08.2018 banksy
en163doyourprayersMartingale? No. D'alembert? Yes205:59:27 22.08.2018 banksy
en1577trizeroDeviations from normal results710:04:10 13.09.2017 Rovlgari
en703RP501Simple Red / Black Strategy310:02:07 13.09.2017 Rovlgari
en1137Anonymousbest Roulette Strategy309:25:24 30.05.2017 timy
en1240cabigwtonline roulette617:49:12 28.02.2017 SolomonK
en598trizeroFree Singles from Tronc - no piece for the employees111:01:17 04.10.2016 wheel
en621banksyKanzens Roulette Winning Strategy - how does it work?210:59:31 04.10.2016 wheel
en2032Anonymouslongterm winning roulette systems?415:56:31 28.05.2016 SolomonK
en1919trizero1-2 Labby - Strategy for Roulette115:53:09 28.05.2016 SolomonK
en1608trizeroThe search for new roulette progressions120:14:39 24.05.2016 wheel
en1470trizeroComparison of patterns over 10M roulette spins218:46:01 21.11.2015 trizero
en2688adminWelcome to youroul.com122:47:39 20.10.2015 wheel
en20810071-Million+ spin PROFIT ?522:45:11 20.10.2015 wheel
en1121trizeroComparison of Strategies that bet on one to four Singles011:35:39 09.10.2015 trizero
en3113trizeroTest a Roulette System in OCs?514:58:41 11.07.2015 timy
en1534trizeroThe one-single-Strategies compared110:35:15 15.06.2015 trizero

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