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Hello anyone interested in the roulette simulator,
The Internet has its own rules and laws.
So-called "spam", which means unwanted and non-thematic posts,
is posted to the forum frequently. Usually to place a link to affiliate pages.

Instead of deleting them as mostly before, i will place such posts here in the future,
to document the hustle and bustle.
However, only those with a minimal level of creation - defused of course,
so that they can no longer fulfill their original purpose.

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Hey, it could happen and if you to use theory of variations,
you should remember that the more you roll, the more relatable it becomes.
If you wanna try something simpler, you should try my great site.

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We went to casino last weekend, and I'm just curious: Is it possible to beat roulette somehow? We've tried martingale strategy. Just in case you don't know what is this system about:
The player bets $1 and wins $2. The net winnings are $1.
The player bets $1 and loses. Then he bets $2 and wins $4. The player bet $3 in total and won $4. The net winnings are $1.
The player bets $1 and loses. Subsequently he bets $2, $4, $8, $16, $32, $64, $128, $256 and loses all of these bets. Then the player bets $512 and wins. The total bets were $1023 and the player won $1024. The net winnings are $1.

Martingale strategy
So let's say I start with 1000 units. Win is 18/37 and lose is 19/37.
With this system I can't lost more than 9 times in row:
(19/37)^9 = 0.0025 = 0.25%
This probability means that statistically, 1 of roughly 402 Martingale cycles will result in losing 9 bets in a row, causing the player to be unable to place another bet.
So my question is: do you think this system is good? And what chance to win do I have if I bet the same on the same color all the time?

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What a cute casino you have. I play and recommend to everyone.

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Hi everyone =D what's your ideas about d'alembert?
Functionally it should work more or less like martingale, with the advantage that i won't exhaust my whole budget =D.
After having tried out martingale (and failed) i wouldn't like to repeat the mistake you know? =D
here roulette forum they say that d'alembert works, in contrast to the limitations of martingale instead.
This one also looks like a tangible proof scam site Someone who can fulfill my need of confirmations? :) Than you very much guys <3

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Hi guys!
I just recently started playing roulette and wrote an article about such roulette strategies:
-The Martingale strategy
-The D’Alembert Strategy
-The Fibonacci strategy
I mostly found the information on the Internet, so I want to ask you for expert advice. Maybe I was wrong about something. Can you help me?

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Hello, dear Gamblers, I would love to share and at the same time as for feedback on my latest payouts tutorial! Do you think my suggested content is relevant for beginners, or should I approach it from another angle?

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