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Inspired by the irritation to 1 - 2 - 3 Labouchère (topic in German language),
I developed a step-tree-generator which can calculate the processes for "nonlinear" roulette strategies.

First of all, I could see that the 1-2 Labby includes the 1-2-3 Labby and many others as a subset.
So it is quite sufficient to test the basic shape 1-2 Labby to draw conclusions about the overall concept.

Since the Labby always appends the sum of the first and last number in case of loss,
in almost every stage arises a new branch in the step-tree, the resulting step-tree is very large.

The finite 1-2 Labby strategy treated here, is over 15 decision-making levels,
that means that from the 1st stage follow 15 Labby-steps and then jump back in the 1st step.
For this 1001 steps are necessary.
In the published 1 - 2 - 3 Labouchère, there are 5 levels with 26 steps.

The step tree with 1001 steps as small thumbnail:
Sample Image
Click the image to open the original, but be careful, it is very large and could overtax your device! [354KB]

Of course, the roulette strategy was then tested in 300 Standard Tests:
Sample Image

Also, the continuous strategy test over 1 million spins yielded the same result:
Sample Image

Conversion: -1.42% ⌀ -1.47%, Balance: -106548, Bet Volume: 7511920, Bets: 1000000, Spins: 1000000

Unfortunately, this strategy is simply too extensive to publish it in the traditional way here,
the risk of crashes of many computers and other devices such as smartphones or tablets is just too high!
(... the peripheral could not harm the simulator itself)

Have fun with 1-2 Labby - Strategy for Roulette,

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1-2 Labby - Strategy for Roulette

That's awesome trizero!
Good job!

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1-2 Labby - Strategy for Roulette
avatar: banksy

While rummaging through the flow charts, I became aware of the 1-2-3 labouchere
and came to this topic here. I find the concept of this roulette strategy quite interesting,
but the elaboration here is really the best.
Damn good work!

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1-2 Labby - Strategy for Roulette
avatar: Gerald


Damn good work!

Why have I overlooked this great topic here so far?
Could not something like that be better emphasized so that you find it better?
Damn good work! Thank you!

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1-2 Labby - Strategy for Roulette