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The Live mode allows to display the next coming bets.
So you can play a strategy in real time with the support of the simulator at the casino.

- Create the desired strategy.

- Create a permanence, with the already came up numbers recorded.

- Set the limits and targets in a personal test configuration,
with the just created permanence selected.
Activate the Layout option in the test details of your configuration.

- Start a (paid) test.

In this test the specified permanence is processed with the strategy in the known way.
At the end of the bet log now appear the bets for the next round:
Chance (amount)

The intention is to place these bets now.


When the next number is fallen, so you click on this number in the Layout below the bet log,
to attach this number to the permanence and to start the next test.

In this test, there is now the evaluation, including the recently fallen number,
and again the next bets.

As example, a strategy test with activated live mode and Layout

Is a run time chance used in the strategy,
containing a random component, such as the use of the field random or
the option one, so these chances are different in each test.
This results in different processes of the strategy!

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