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This classic roulette strategy by Jacques Inaudi originally is called
1:6 changing game with combined plus-minus-progression
(german: 1:6 Wechselspiel mit kombinierter Plus-Minus-Progression)

It waits for series of 3 times the same color,
or a 3 times changing phase.
Then it bets on its continuation.

The historic original System description in german language.

As usual for pattern strategies, a steptree is useful:

/R B\
X2 X9
/R \B /R \B
X3 X8 X10 X11
/R \B /R \B /R \B /R \B
.12 X4 :16 X5! X7! :16 X6! .12
. /R B\ . . .
. :16 X5 : : .
. /R \B
: X6 .12
/R B\ .
X7 :16 .
/R B\ .
.12 X4! :

Xy = step, y = number, Xy! = existing step
R = Red, B = Black
. . . = bet the series
: . : = bet the changing series
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avatar: trizero
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The Inaudi March has the concept
of waiting for tripple sequence figures.

A similar priciple is used in Kiljaeden's Roulette Strategy Color Chase.
He plays change and continuity as long as the color wins.
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Inaudl method looks wonderful, the weakness of color chase method is when a streak in couples come out in succession (e.g. RRBBRRBB...).
Provided that the system has to check for three occurrences, I think the losses can be incredibly reduced, can't wait to see how this method works out.
Thanks for showing us this method trizero.
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