Pro Plan Information

All public 188 Roulette strategies are tested with each Pro configuration in 20 tests over a total of 1 million rounds. Unless the strategy is set to previous stop.
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Test ConfigurationFree 200Pro 500Pro 1 000Pro 2 000Pro 5 000Pro 10 000Pro 20 000Pro 50 000Pro 500 000
Bet Volume total1,417,858,5601,832,523,6002,227,367,3402,763,130,6803,614,890,7404,511,018,1405,714,558,9408,020,699,44022,832,370,200
Price of the tests [€]1,3841,3841,3841,3841,3841,3841,3841,3841,384
Roulette strategies with positive balance222315121222
Roulette strategies with a positive return222439152141
Roulette strategies with positive trend2234611182838

Price list

Access for 1 Month [€]0611203140496998
Access for 3 Months [€]0101836537188123176
Access for 1 Year [€]0193773109145181253361
All prices are final prices including all additional costs. Sales tax is not applicable. (§ 19 UStG)