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Every public accessible test was calculated with the Standard test configuration,
to allow the comparison of the results of all published Roulette Strategies.

The test results define the order of the Top 10 and the strategy database.

If you are shown test results of this site as proof of quality for a roulette strategy,
please check in all cases if the strategy was published here.
Insist on own tests if the strategy was not published.
Special attention is required for printed tests or for tests that are requested from other internet sites!
If you have questions on this context, please use contact!

The Standard test configuration has also disadvantages:
- the limits are not optimal for some strategies
- only permanences from the random number generator (P-RNG) are possible

private strategy tests

For free private tests the Standard test configuration is used too.
You can set all parameters in private strategy tests of course.
The use of own permanences is also possible.

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