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im interested in playin and testin live the system the restant +

is it a safe system
how mutch unit i need to play it ?
do you play it yourself for real at live tabele

can you describe me this system in order to play it

Hello! ;-)

There is no safe system at all, particularly when you play in a
non-physical-online-casino, were no real people throw real balls in real wheels live!
Test a Roulette System in OCs?

The amount you need, depends on the level of "security" that you want.
As you can see in the test results for the "restant + (on win)", a stake of 317 units will last a loss run of 100 bets.

Look at the step view:

The bet constists of one Single Laggard.

Single means a bet on a single number.

Laggard means a runtime chance.
- there are 100 spins watched and those numbers that show up less than 1 times ("1 > Laggard"), are taken for the bet.
If there is more than one of those Laggards, as set, one is chosen by random.

+ on win means the loss progression for Single numbers here. See howto: + on win

With the on balance function the test is stopped, when the balance gets over 0.

I hope this explanation helps you understand the strategy.
Feel free to ask further.

Regards, trizero
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avatar: trizero
81 720
The strategy ein Pleinausbleiber is quite the same strategy,
but i doesn't use a stop with on-balance and therefore it runs endless.
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