Hey man, just wondering if u could explain how this system works, i looked 100 times and I steel do not get how is the betting process goes.
Like sometimes in logs are this:
No-run-time bets
No-run-time bets
No-run-time bets

And then for some reason the system starts betting, sometimes on red/black or even/odd or Hi/Lo and at some points it does all together, but I can not get the trigger of it ?
If you don't mind could you maybe explain better, because ass it looks this roulette system has some really good potential.

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avatar: trizero


Hello and welcome to youroul.com.


No-run-time bets

The bet is configured as Easy Chance, all, Favorite > 21.
It's a run time chance which scans the initial spins for the occurrence of EC chances for more than 21 times within 37 spins (a rotation).
That's what the F-EC stands for, favorite EC. The progression is calculated by + on win.

When the ECs come quite balanced, then there is no favorite by the > 21 criteria and then there's no bet.
Best regards, trizero.

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