I need some help developing a strategy.

I want to wait until any EC (Red:Black, Odd:Evan, High:Low) has occurred 3x before placing a standard Martingale (1,2,4,8,16 . . . 256) bet on that opposite EC,
until a winning result, or bust at 256 units (8 repetitions of Martingale) without changing to a different EC, that is to continue to bet Odd until a winning result.

IE If the initials spins result in Odd Evan Odd Evan Evan Evan - I then want to bet Odd.
I do not want to place a bet until a 3x result has occurred.

Hopefully this makes sense.

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avatar: trizero


Welcome to youroul.com Jibbity!

It is not easy to describe a roulette strategy, but i think i understood yours.
Unfortunately it is quite specific in its requirements, therefore you must make some of its logic "by foot".
Like for the old last SC win-4 loss+6 a step tree is needed.

There is no prebuilt functionality that lets you count the occurance of an associated opposite EC.
However, there are some already published roulette strategies using manual forks.
Description of the fork concept itself.
3x Red then Black is a strategy that waits for 3 occurances in a row, quite close to your needs.

If you want to bet all 3 EC pairs at one time, i asume this can only be with many forks.
But don't worry, as there is no difference in the results on the long run, if you only bet on one EC pair at the same time.

I put a roulette strategy with the first needed fork to your private strategies.
Just run some tests with the roulette simulator to see how it works.

Best regards, trizero

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avatar: banksy


I put a roulette strategy with the first needed fork to your private strategies.

Can i get a copy, too? Thx

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