Is there a way I can tell the software to wait 22 spins for 2 corners not to come out before I am betting?

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avatar: trizero


There are two ways to reach this:

two specific corners

You configure two specific corners with a bet of amount 0 each in a step.
Then you set the "on loss" to 1 and "on win" next.
Copy this step as often as the simulator shall wait.

And then you change the amount to a real bet.
This strategy works with this principle.

run time chances

The other way is to use run time chances.

You configure a step with: corner, all, laggard, 1 > Laggard with an amount you want. On loss / on win set to "this".
Then you experiment with the stetting for the initial coups of corner, until it matches as many fields as you want.
You can also activate the display of "run time statistics" for "corner" in the test configuration.

Have fun with strategy!

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Is there a way to sets two corners?
IE. (8,9,11,12 & 31,32,34,35) & (1,2,4,5 & 22,23,28,29) but only to bet on one combination whichever doesn't come out in 5 spins first?

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avatar: trizero


Try out the run time chances, they provide much more options than static settings.

Your example above is not possible to set, but when you simulate it with two corners,
it doesn't matter which two you pick out, the result is the same on the long run.


This concept can now be tested by using on field win.

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