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When the function optimize chances is activated in the step view,
higher chances are combined to lower ones as far as possible.

On use of multiple lower chances (Single, Split, Sector...),
this function merges these chances to equal (in pieces) but lower chances.

Single N 1 (2 pcs) and Zero (1 pc) → gets optimized to: Split 0 1 (2 pcs), Single N 1 (1 pc)
1st Dozen (14 pcs) and Six line 13-18 (20 pcs) → gets optimized to: EC Low (18 pcs), 1st Dozen (2 pcs), Six line 13-18 (14 pcs)

When opposing EC are bet at the same time, so the difference is calculated:
Red 10 pcs and Black 4 pcs → becomes Red 6 pcs.

This function can decrease the number of bets.
Also, the payment of tronc (gratuity for straight-up) can be reduced by preventing bets on Singles.
When many numbers are played, this function can help to profit of the zero-split, using EC.

Optimize chances also works with runtime chances!
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