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The idea for this roulette strategy comes from Chingy.

An explanation was needed, because the idea was only possible to test by using a binary tree.
Which is difficult to understand and cumbersome to create.
(Nevertheless is a step wise development of a complex strategy sometimes required!)

This is the results:

Step View: last SC win-4 loss+6 in the primary version.
The flowcharts show the fork for the color in the first step very clear.
Of course there are test results as well.

At that time some new functions found a place on my to do list.
One of them, "betting the last color", is already established.

Today, more than one year later, another new function of the simulator came online.

Now I can answer the question to myself:
What happens if I would bet more than 40 Units.

The new version of the strategy is very efficient, compared to the old one.
If wanted, one can set a limit for the easy chances in the test configuration.

For direct comparison of the histories for both versions:
last Color win-4 loss+6 V2
last SC win-4 loss+6

In this sense, have fun with this roulette strategy,

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last Color win-4 loss+6 V2