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Strategy restart

If the balance in the test exceeds the win limit or would fall below the loss limit, the roulette strategy can now be restarted.
When a table limit would be exceeded, the limits are now reset also, if the strategy is restarted.
For the new limits, the current balance is offset against the set limits.
Of course, the tests can still be ended when the limits are reached.

The new functions change the checksums of all test configurations. (as soon as these are saved)

The standard test configuration has also been changed for these new options.
Instead of the previous 100 coups, 200 coups are now being simulated. When the limits are reached, the strategy is now restarted.
This means that all published roulette strategies can now be compared even better and more easily.

configurable graphics

There are now freely configurable graphics for the test overviews and the strategy database.
All key values of the results can be combined and sorted as desired.

By selecting the test configuration for the test overviews (and histories), graphical representations and mean values can now be displayed depending on the configuration.

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Pro Configurations

In addition to the Standard Test Configuration, there are now the Pro Configurations.
The number in the name refers to the maximum bet for simple chances, the limits for the other chances are derived from it.
Pro 500 000
Pro 50 000
Pro 20 000
Pro 10 000
Pro 5000
Pro 2000
Pro 1000
Pro 500
All Pro Configurations are set to 50,000 bet rounds per test.
The Maximum configurations, on the other hand, all have the same limits,
the possible maximum of the roulette simulator, they have the number of game rounds in the name.

Pro Plans

The Standard Configuration was so far the only configuration for the databases,
now the strategy- and test database can also be set to the new Pro Configurations.
You can find data to the Pro Plans on the overview page of the Pro Plans.

Best Roulette Strategy

Every published Roulette Strategy is tested 20 times with every Pro Configuration, which regularly results in a million bet rounds.
The averages of these test results define the order in the strategy database.
This means that the best roulette strategy can be seen directly for each Pro Configuration.
The order in the database and the Top10 can change at any time due to new tests.
New tests are constantly calculated in all categories and the oldest test of a strategy is always replaced.

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