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I miss the function: last bet x factor.
As i experiment with multiple flat progressions,
I have to copy 20 or sometimes even 50 values from the calculator to the strategy editor.

But it could be so easy: I want to write "x0,45" to the field for the Amount.
This simulator can calculate all thinkable loss progressions - respect for this! -
but this simple feature is clearly missing!
Would a multiplicator be possible?
(original German post)

Hello Gerald, thanks for your request!

I must confess that I use such a function already on my own,
but as nobody - until now - asked for this, I left it private in my repository.
Unfortunately it is not ready for the public use right now,
as there are still some things missing.

So please be patient until it is ready done for everyone.

Feedback always helps!
Have fun with your roulette strategy, even if you go a long way round.


It's done. factorized bets exist now!

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would a multiplicator be possible?