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Gerald, translated:

I don't get this function for the Sector statistics in the bet log working!

On top of the test is written "Run time Statistics for: Sector"
But in the bet log there is no statistic at all!

What shall this statistics mean? OK for usual chances, like street or even wheel, but sector?
Confused, Gerald

Hello Gerald,
this problem may be caused by two reasons:

1st You don't have set initial coups for single chances, as this also counts for sectors.

2nd You don't use a (R,N,F-) sector chance in your strategy:
The statistics for the last (if multiple) sector chance of a step is shown.

What good this is? Just try it out!
(as the statistics for the other chances, it shows the quantity for the sectors within the initial coups)

Have fun with strategy,

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Sector statistics in the bet log