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Hello dear users,
since the start of this site, I maintain a change log.
I will continue this in the future, too.

Additionally, I start a more extensive variant here,
which is a more detailed Changeblog - this is new - features and functions.

Have fun with the youroul.com Roulette Strategy Simulation,

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Multiple tests

Start several Roulette Strategy tests at once.

Logged in users can reach this function at the page for test configurations.

Before this, a test configuration must be assigned to the strategy:
Choose a configuration and click load.

Then you can simply adjust the amount of multiple tests,
that shall be started at once with this setup.

You can start as many tests as you like with one single click.
This saves you much time and clicks.

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On the results pages of the strategies is now the tab history.

This shows the summed (absolute) balance of all current tests of the strategy in chronological sequence,
so that the fluctuations of the results' are shown.

The current totals (for Balance, Conversion, extrapolated Conversion) are displayed in the small box in the picture.
The current total for the balance is found in the history always at the right edge.

A more detailed explanation of the Roulette test Histories.

As an example:
Sample Image

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factorized bets

New are the factorized bets, which use + - × ÷.
This opens up new possibilities for strategies and makes those easier to implement, as well.

EC differential bets
When a strategy uses oppositional Easy Chances such as Red and Black,
then the function optimize chances now calculates the differential bet.
For example: red with 5 pieces and black with 10 pieces will result as 5 pieces on black.
This makes the use of EC run time chances much more effective.

random field

Several times was asked, but just once it can come:
The random field.

If you choose this option for a field, then its randomly selected.
In the test protocols, this option is marked as *-chance.

So that I could now create the strategy the Random +,
to compare it the with the other one-single-strategies.

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on Field win

If a chance is configured with a target step for the on field win,
the strategy jumps in case of winning to this step.

The priority at intersections is:
- on balance, then field win, then general win / loss
- Within the step itself, the priority is given by the position within the step.
The first chance has the highest priority

Would you therefore configure two chances for black
so the upper target step would always be used.

In the flowcharts, this function is shown with gray arrows,
the number indicates the position of the chance within the step.

Follow all Dozens - dot flowchart
user image

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Chances Last

The Chances Last were fundamentally revised.

Every "Last" Field can get configured for any precede number of the permanence now.

The previous "Last" Field is now "1st Last"
and the old "second Last" gets "2nd Last".

These new options make settings like "3rd Last" or "10th Last" possible.
As with the other run time chances, the "Last" have now the options "one", "all", "all not matching".

The abbreviations of the run time chances in tests have been expanded accordingly.

With the number of the last chance the order of the numbers in the permanence is now exactly maintained.
If a number has been doubled or multiple times within the set permanence section, it is only evaluated once.

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multiple balance conditions

In each step multiple conditions for the balance function can now be set.

It should be noted that the conditions are processed from top to bottom.
Applies the first condition, so this comes to execution.
That is, the priority decreases from top to bottom.

Thus, for all the possibilities that define the next step, the priority is:
- on balance, from top to bottom
- on field win, from top to bottom
- general win and loss

The flowcharts have been adjusted accordingly and now show the condition itself.

Live mode

Now the roulette strategies can also be played in real time, supported by the simulator.

All booking work is done automatically and you will only need to place the bets.
How this works is explained detailed in the live mode manual.

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Price Cut

As of now, the new price key is valid, which means a price cut.
Thank you to all loyal users, without you this would not be possible!

A few examples:
3 Cent: 67 before, now 100 Spins
5 Cent: 232 before, now 384 Spins
10 Cent: 1.464 before, now 2.880 Spins
20 Cent: 10.460 before, now 24.679 Spins
50 Cent: 155.243 before, now 470.376 Spins
100 Cent: 1.239.187 before, now 4.552.346 Spins
127 Cent: 2.546.351 before, now 10.000.000 Spins

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bet log

The bet log can now be better adapted.

Regardless of the length of the test,
can the number of lines set for the simulator protocol.
It is also possible to choose the position of the recorded section:
- at the beginning of the test
- at the end of the test

Thereby even very long tests of roulette strategies can be logged comfortable.

on balance win

The option on balance win is completely new.

There are now two settings for the general win of a step:
- on chance win: as before, a step wins when at least one chance contains the number.
- on balance win: it's a win, when the balance is at least one unit more than before.
When a chance wins and the balance is <= Zero, it's treated as a loss.

This functionality already offered so far the on balance function if it was configured to:
Set Balance Reference [x] and on balance, "> 0" in the following step.
For clarification, reference is made to the step view of the roulette strategy 3xEC Fibonacci,
there the two variants are used sequentially.
The strategy 3x Paroli on 3 EC uses the new form exclusively.
Apart from the ease of use, remains the still free on balance function for use.

The priority at intersections remains unchanged:
First, "on balance", then "on field win", then general win / loss.

result for every spin

As already known from the Result Histories,
can charts in the tests now show the result for every spin.

The spin balance is activated for the Standard test configuration.
The red and green bars for the result of each round will also be shown in the (new) public tests.

All roulette strategies and test configurations are labeled with their unique checksums now,
this helps to identify every little change in order to reconstruct a test result or a system.

Permanences (number lists) can now be saved easily from the tests.

continuous tests enabled

The following roulette strategies have been changed to allow continuous testing.
In most cases, conditions with the "Stop" setting are changed, so that they jump back to the 1st step instead.
If the roulette strategy consists of only one step, the "stop" on balance will be removed.
When using the balance function, the balance reference is set in the first step.