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Before changing a bet amount using
+ Addition
- Subtraction
× Multiplication
÷ Division
it must have been previously defined by an = assignment.

The value is passed between steps by the position within the step.
If there are multiple chances (even without factor) used in a step
the value is always passed to the chance that is at the same position.

When a step includes multiple chances, it is therefore recommended
to place factorized chances at the top to keep up the order.

The type of chance does not matter. A value can be passed between any chance types,
such as between dozens and split.

To repeat the previous amount, ×1 or ÷1, +0 or -0 can be set.

Amounts from × and ÷ are always rounded to integer values.
1 × 1.50 will be 1.
1 × 1.51 will be 2.

The value can be negative after - (subtraction), but in the test protocol is always booked 0.
This allows tendencies of chances to be continued.

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