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The german magazine "Roulette-Magazin" presented this strategy in 1985.
Translated the title means "Dream Progression". Max Paufler was the inventor.
This article showed a progression that loses 344 pieces after losing twenty rounds.
But in order to make this strategy available in the roulette simulator for the high stakes of the big Pro Plans,
it had to be expanded by 40 steps.

Half of the sum of the bets from the three previous steps is rounded up.
In the event of a win, the bet just made and the bets lost in the three previous rounds are equalized again.
In case of a win, the game continues in the third to last step.
There are a few exceptions to this rule at the beginning of the strategy, but it always applies from the eighth step.
Zero plays no special role, since only dozens or columns are to be played.

However, the results of the roulette simulator clearly show:
Max Paufler's progression doesn't lead to the best roulette strategy ever.

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Paufler Traumprogression