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Unlimited, automatic loss progression for all chances and combinations.

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If the function + on win is activated for a step,
the bet for all chances of that step gets calculated every time again.

Every bet chance will lead to a profit of at least one piece, when one of the chances wins.
The losses of the steps before, since the last win, are made up.
Is the raised number included in several chances, of course all of them win
and the yield is appropriate to the chances more than one piece.

multiple profit

The stake of any chance is calculated so that it covers the loss of all other chances.
Overlap the numbers contained by several bets, then the multiple profit is not considered in the calculation.
Use the function optimize bet to consider multiple chances with common numbers.

+ on win is marked as red font in the step view.
If the strategy is arranged for loops and forks, the amount is marked as red 0.

When + on win is activated on the strategy, the amount will be increased after every loss, if needed.
With reset the losses of the preliminary rounds are discarded and the bets are calculated accorded to the chances of the current step.

+ on win