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The order of the Roulette Strategies in the TOP 10 and the Roulette Strategy Database
is based on the currently existing results of the strategy tests.
So the order of the TOP 10 is always completely documented!

The placement is therefore not "the best strategy of all times"-predicate
but mere a snapshot, which shall serve the general comparison.

Please note that the order can change, with every new test.
If a new test gets started, it replaces the oldest test of the strategy.
The balances of many strategies can vary significantly and thus
their placement in the Balance ranking.
Notice the Result History also.

different TOP 10

Why are there three different TOP 10?
The TOP 10 roulette strategies have three ratings:
- Balance: the order is given by the sums of the strategy test balances
- Median: defined by the average of the absolute balances of the history
- Trend: the order is defined by the extrapolated conversion

Different strategies and their progressions require different limits,
to make those various attempts comparable, there are these three rankings.

The standard test configuration is the lowest common denominator,
the basis on which the ratings make a comparison possible at all.

Have fun with roulette strategies,

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