Hi everyone =D
what's your ideas about d'alembert? 
functionally it should work more or less like martingale, with the advantage that i won't exhaust my whole budget =D.
After having tried out martingale (and failed) i wouldn't like to repeat the mistake you know? =D
here *  they say that d'alembert works, in contrast to the limitations of martingale instead.
This one also looks like a tangible proof *
Someone who can fulfill my need of confirmations? :) 

Than you very much guys <3 :*

* admin: removed
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avatar: trizero
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The step view of the strategy with d'Alembert progression on EC red,
with its tests overview tell the facts about how this concept works.

If the opposite chance (here black) comes more often for a longer streak you need much patience to come back to even 0 profit.
And as every EC strategy, the zero strickes sooner or later.

There are some more systems that use the d'Alembert progression,
just use the search function for roulette strategies.
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avatar: banksy
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... d'alembert works, in contrast to the limitations of martingale instead.

Both strategies work as intended!

If you go with the martingale, you will come back to profit quite soon, as long as you can pay the stake.

BUT if you use the strategy d'alembert it may take lifetimes to come back to the beginning stake without guarantee of profit!

As so often, it's not like the first impression makes you believe. Roulette is a mighty one.
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