avatar: timy
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In this moment (latest test id: 76729) there are this values for Martingale on Even + Zero:

absolute: 2467
relative: -8.10
extrapolated: 8.40
volume: 167067

But i get 1.47665 instead of -8.10 (%) when i divide 2467 by 167067 = 0.0147665...

I ask for enlightenment!
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avatar: trizero
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I ask for enlightenment!

Hello timy, thanks for asking!

Your calculated value is for the total results and therefore its correct.

The values for "relative" (conversion) and "extrapolated" (conversion) are the average
of all public tests conversions.

The idea behind this was:
The fluctuations of the balances are better described with this average instead of the conversion of the summed up values.
Additionally the comparablity with the value "extrapolated" is given.

Did you allready notice the balance history charts?
They show the fluctuations, that wouldn't be represented with a summed value.

I hope this explanation answers your question?
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