• Overall result
  • Balance 2
  • Median -91
  • Trend -0.77 %
  • Conversion 0.01 %
  • Variance 13.28
  • Bet Volume 23176

Kavouras Bet

- Roulette Strategy Tests

The table of the current simulator test results of the roulette strategy Kavouras Bet. To change the sort order, click on the head of the respective column of the table.
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65 records
StrategyBalanceConversionTrendVarianceBet VolumeBetsid
Kavouras Bet-64-18.18-7.8115.6035244397687
Kavouras Bet308.3310.878.4736045397525
Kavouras Bet5615.914.8316.4735244396996
Kavouras Bet11235.0034.9914.7832040396888
Kavouras Bet5614.893.4716.9737647396716
Kavouras Bet6521.3817.8111.9330438396473
Kavouras Bet-126-30.88-24.5115.3540851396340
Kavouras Bet-16-4.55-1.6018.7435244396203
Kavouras Bet5715.8311.558.5136045395947
Kavouras Bet195.164.4211.8636846395850
Kavouras Bet-5-1.4519.0821.8434443395506
Kavouras Bet339.1716.0018.3736045395417
Kavouras Bet-26-5.91-11.0318.1144055395300
Kavouras Bet-14-4.07-19.8521.9834443395144
Kavouras Bet-27-8.04-5.0212.1033642395096
Kavouras Bet-16-3.77-0.967.7442453394789
Kavouras Bet82.133.288.0937647394756
Kavouras Bet-58-15.43-10.4812.5437647392950
Kavouras Bet5719.799.6114.7528836392883
Kavouras Bet153.91-0.8814.3438448392882

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