• Overall result
  • Balance -3025
  • Median -1897
  • Trend -2.94 %
  • Conversion -2.38 %
  • Variance 80.77
  • Bet Volume 126973

least and most

- Roulette Strategy Tests

The table of the current simulator test results of the roulette strategy least and most. To change the sort order, click on the head of the respective column of the table.
To change the graphical representation, click on the tabs above. Tests History

64 records
StrategyBalanceConversionTrendVarianceBet VolumeBetsid
least and most-381-12.515.34126.73304542397619
least and most-405-16.980.8299.84238527397041
least and most-443-31.310.28100.67141521396976
least and most50829.4722.7646.39172443396931
least and most-272-8.169.24102.14333253396346
least and most-400-48.08-20.1273.9783213395969
least and most60033.1128.0458.46181237395505
least and most-339-16.401.3781.21206729395504
least and most72219.2913.0277.34374259393321
least and most-340-31.021.90104.78109616391117
least and most-403-48.26-9.3982.5683514390759
least and most57125.9420.8284.02220141390549
least and most-430-15.9410.33166.63269836390374
least and most59324.7618.3260.20239545390300
least and most-405-65.22-36.6451.466218390286
least and most-390-25.90-6.5596.05150619389827
least and most52410.673.59106.06491245389107
least and most50422.5817.8747.99223250389106
least and most51828.4325.8531.37182245389105
least and most52026.0017.5964.55200038389104

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