• Overall result
  • Balance -1324
  • Median 209
  • Trend 0.57 %
  • Conversion -1.83 %
  • Variance 31.12
  • Bet Volume 72547

Lust for Last

- Roulette Strategy Tests

The table of the current simulator test results of the roulette strategy Lust for Last. To change the sort order, click on the head of the respective column of the table.
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67 records
StrategyBalanceConversionTrendVarianceBet VolumeBetsid
Lust for Last10340.8740.523.90252100397655
Lust for Last7325.2634.164.01289100397439
Lust for Last-406-32.38-0.6850.57125482397270
Lust for Last25012.879.8157.051943100397269
Lust for Last9310.849.7314.68858100397103
Lust for Last-448-53.65-7.0557.1883545396880
Lust for Last543.254.0735.501664100396753
Lust for Last994.981.1462.471987100395960
Lust for Last212.108.3816.35998100395959
Lust for Last13611.255.8820.311209100395670
Lust for Last-239-8.53-0.1472.232802100395669
Lust for Last-471-36.040.5953.75130770395668
Lust for Last-396-41.60-8.7746.1495243395667
Lust for Last-499-30.67-5.2659.76162774395666
Lust for Last371.14-1.2256.063259100395665
Lust for Last-463-67.89-27.8958.4868220395664
Lust for Last8616.2312.3012.47530100395663
Lust for Last-494-25.85-5.7657.91191155395662
Lust for Last516.4214.9415.63795100395661
Lust for Last10630.6430.734.27346100395660

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