• Overall result
  • Balance -1519
  • Median -799
  • Trend -1.32 %
  • Conversion -1.27 %
  • Variance 56.42
  • Bet Volume 119276

last SC win-4 loss+6

- Roulette Strategy Tests

The table of the current simulator test results of the roulette strategy last SC win-4 loss+6. To change the sort order, click on the head of the respective column of the table.
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60 records
StrategyBalanceConversionTrendVarianceBet VolumeBets Timeid
last SC win-4 loss+6-220-12.42-2.24102.5117729410:51:17 18.10.2018385513
last SC win-4 loss+6914.3211.6645.2921089609:59:38 17.10.2018385296
last SC win-4 loss+6261.27-7.3299.3920429521:27:35 15.10.2018385022
last SC win-4 loss+61055.025.9448.9220909602:30:33 13.10.2018384515
last SC win-4 loss+62039.477.1545.7721449613:32:50 12.10.2018384443
last SC win-4 loss+6-283-12.47-6.2956.8822709408:49:06 12.10.2018384420
last SC win-4 loss+6502.2611.5754.7122149613:26:25 09.10.2018383113
last SC win-4 loss+6-245-12.12-8.8336.6420229414:15:04 08.10.2018382932
last SC win-4 loss+6-72-3.83-4.0942.4618809502:00:11 08.10.2018382785
last SC win-4 loss+6-291-13.45-20.2347.9921649415:00:16 02.10.2018381701
last SC win-4 loss+6-104-5.31-1.4841.5819609414:19:56 01.10.2018381544
last SC win-4 loss+61427.54-5.4699.2618849603:49:03 29.09.2018381216
last SC win-4 loss+6-63-2.86-4.1051.8122069523:12:42 23.09.2018380531
last SC win-4 loss+634420.0529.3763.2217169707:03:49 19.09.2018379647
last SC win-4 loss+6-383-17.04-24.5388.5622489323:38:15 18.09.2018379586
last SC win-4 loss+6-255-12.65-17.7850.0320169408:30:04 17.09.2018379298
last SC win-4 loss+650724.1920.8639.7320969605:53:37 16.09.2018378883
last SC win-4 loss+6-171-8.58-14.7936.0819949407:28:26 15.09.2018378766
last SC win-4 loss+6-165-8.102.0954.5220389502:58:56 12.09.2018378284
last SC win-4 loss+627214.0411.1532.5619389601:24:50 12.09.2018378274

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