• Overall result
  • Balance 42
  • Median 12
  • Trend 0.74 %
  • Conversion 1.27 %
  • Variance 1.17
  • Bet Volume 3318

3x Black→Black

- Roulette Strategy Tests

The table of the current simulator test results of the roulette strategy 3x Black→Black. To change the sort order, click on the head of the respective column of the table.
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69 records
StrategyBalanceConversionTrendVarianceBet VolumeBetsid
3x Black→Black947.3741.070.621913398047
3x Black→Black840.0033.430.452014397982
3x Black→Black450.0050.980.4786397917
3x Black→Black815.3815.160.895218397510
3x Black→Black85.634.532.3114222397509
3x Black→Black650.0054.900.37129397508
3x Black→Black533.3326.790.37159397246
3x Black→Black814.818.641.315418396729
3x Black→Black529.4129.180.401710396725
3x Black→Black422.2219.710.52187396332
3x Black→Black850.0047.420.521611395833
3x Black→Black623.0824.130.422613395293
3x Black→Black67.503.951.548016394663
3x Black→Black857.1449.860.421411394479
3x Black→Black1020.4118.410.914920394477
3x Black→Black510.207.640.784914394468
3x Black→Black918.7513.761.044817394467
3x Black→Black717.9517.800.713912394332
3x Black→Black720.5918.800.693416393123
3x Black→Black711.487.621.026114392829

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