• Overall result
  • Balance 429
  • Median 203
  • Trend 10.84 %
  • Conversion 11.64 %
  • Variance 2.91
  • Bet Volume 3684

Wait 5x before Fibonacci

- Roulette Strategy Tests

The table of the current simulator test results of the roulette strategy Wait 5x before Fibonacci. To change the sort order, click on the head of the respective column of the table.
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60 records
StrategyBalanceConversionTrendVarianceBet VolumeBets Timeid
Wait 5x before Fibonacci6100.0096.400.936510:37:29 18.10.2018385478
Wait 5x before Fibonacci4018.8713.6710.382122910:01:11 18.10.2018385471
Wait 5x before Fibonacci650.0059.800.7512905:52:50 18.10.2018385401
Wait 5x before Fibonacci4200.0049.010.652210:09:25 17.10.2018385298
Wait 5x before Fibonacci640.0029.151.09151109:43:57 17.10.2018385295
Wait 5x before Fibonacci1820.009.305.09901106:44:19 17.10.2018385275
Wait 5x before Fibonacci5915.6916.7014.153763016:40:05 16.10.2018385197
Wait 5x before Fibonacci842.1127.651.06191316:39:57 16.10.2018385196
Wait 5x before Fibonacci1139.2936.061.22281311:31:07 16.10.2018385167
Wait 5x before Fibonacci640.0036.471.2015809:10:56 16.10.2018385105
Wait 5x before Fibonacci3217.9814.358.481782409:08:15 16.10.2018385102
Wait 5x before Fibonacci1168.7583.571.02161309:08:04 16.10.2018385101
Wait 5x before Fibonacci1244.4456.571.91271209:07:55 16.10.2018385100
Wait 5x before Fibonacci720.0025.491.9635909:07:47 16.10.2018385099
Wait 5x before Fibonacci741.1825.721.40171107:57:00 16.10.2018385092
Wait 5x before Fibonacci850.0063.721.39161207:56:47 16.10.2018385091
Wait 5x before Fibonacci1058.8250.860.99171207:56:33 16.10.2018385090
Wait 5x before Fibonacci1721.5218.963.23791807:37:19 16.10.2018385088
Wait 5x before Fibonacci1420.9020.812.10672207:34:18 16.10.2018385087
Wait 5x before Fibonacci2223.9117.205.04921307:34:00 16.10.2018385086

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