• Overall result
  • Balance -83
  • Median -9
  • Trend -0.13 %
  • Conversion -0.62 %
  • Variance 5.44
  • Bet Volume 13465

F-EC repeats

- Roulette Strategy Tests

The table of the current simulator test results of the roulette strategy F-EC repeats. To change the sort order, click on the head of the respective column of the table.
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69 records
StrategyBalanceConversionTrendVarianceBet VolumeBetsid
F-EC repeats2813.082.596.34214100398263
F-EC repeats-11-5.85-0.446.51188100397791
F-EC repeats-4-2.050.655.57195100397684
F-EC repeats-40-25.16-19.462.26159100397451
F-EC repeats-12-6.59-9.827.53182100397435
F-EC repeats-27-15.88-14.871.66170100397373
F-EC repeats-4-2.13-9.823.60188100396993
F-EC repeats-7-3.65-5.594.56192100396952
F-EC repeats3214.299.807.81224100396853
F-EC repeats136.223.007.28209100396220
F-EC repeats-12-6.52-13.073.81184100395821
F-EC repeats-18-10.00-9.024.11180100395770
F-EC repeats-10-5.35-7.623.91187100395447
F-EC repeats-2-1.03-7.888.02194100395446
F-EC repeats3113.4224.2712.05231100395445
F-EC repeats2511.638.524.97215100394959
F-EC repeats-39-24.38-22.261.58160100394406
F-EC repeats2611.7115.868.05222100393939
F-EC repeats-16-8.74-10.683.25183100393488
F-EC repeats-20-

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