Roulette test results

The database of roulette test results lists all public tests of the Strategy Simulator. Use the buttons to sort the table.

18500 records
BalanceMedianid TitleConversion %Trend %VarianceBet VolumeBets
-251-27450973 мартингал-93.31-20.2133.2826915
262-35450972 Winning at Last10.29-2.78159.382546100
3721450971 High/Low Martingale with ZeroStop19.2722.032.45192100
2821450970 High/Low Martingale with ZeroStop13.4020.385.25209100
3-11450969 World's Best and Safest Roulette system V2 [sic]0.29-2.0316.151050100
-5-20450968 High/Low Martingale with ZeroStop-1.25-10.0516.24400100
-420-23450967 TVS L + 2L + Zero-66.67-7.3439.5163040
180450966 Color slide back5.680.316.92317100
0-4450965 Relativity0.00-20.702.273619
-500-135450964 Superlude Restants +-100.00-54.1150.7550057
226450963 High/Low Martingale with ZeroStop9.055.245.79243100
8751450961 D’Alembert on streak9.0310.5921.44963100
32450960 Sphinx16.6718.631.36186
-255-50450959 High/Low Martingale with ZeroStop-100.00-38.8937.372558
-3-2450958 Win Relativity-3.45-3.543.148754
126450957 Wait 5x before Fibonacci133.33127.440.7899
20868450956 Lust for Last11.487.4735.791812100
5125450955 High/Low Martingale with ZeroStop23.5022.612.26217100
17632450954 Bold half Paroli17.966.5425.9098015
4319450953 High/Low Martingale with ZeroStop13.2711.733.39324100

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