I want to make a progression bet for dozens.
The first step is to find the dozen to start the bet and in this case I want to be the dozen that has not appeared in the last 5 spins.
How can I do that?
After the first dozen (for the first bet in the progression ) is selected, how can I set the next steps to bet on the dozen found in step one?
Thank you!

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avatar: trizero


Hello styleflesh and welcome to youroul.com!
It will happen sometimes, that not only one dozen remains unseen within 5 spins.
How would you handle this case?

Build your roulette strategy with this configuration:
Click here to create a new strategy.
Set initial spins for dozen to 5 and floating. Set dozen to be shown in the betlog.

For the first step set:
type: Dozen
field: one, laggard, 1 > laggard and the bet you want to make as stake
on win: this
on loss: this

This will make the roulette simulator bet on one (as set) dozen that didn't show up in the last 5 spins.
You can set the two not shown dozens to be bet with the "all" option of the laggard.

If you explain your progression, i could build this strategy for you and / or publish it (if you want that).
With best regards, trizero

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Thank you for your answer, I think I understand.

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avatar: trizero


You're welcome!

There is a Last Dozen + roulette strategy published already.
It is not bound to 5 spins und just waits for the last dozen to bet.

Not with dozen but columns which have 12 numbers included too,
is the roulette strategy Flat Column.
It uses a completely different concept, but also waits for the last column to come.

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avatar: banksy


Last Dozen +
Flat Column

Very tricky concepts, specially the flat column roulette strategy!

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avatar: Rovlgari


Very tricky concepts, specially the flat column roulette strategy!

Thanks a lot, it works like magic! ;-)

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