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idBalanceMedianTitleConversion %Trend %Step viewFlowchartsResultsForumVarianceBet VolumeCategory
421-1849-573the Favorite +-12.31-7.54 23.92150251 Single, Loss Progression, +ow
3278-1880-596Balance Strategy-4.79-3.00 10.59392481 EC, Loss Progression
1077-1899-1535Beat the Wheel-1.92-3.07 85.4599015Single, Six Line, Win Progression
3280-1943-1335World's Best and Safest Roulette system V2 [sic]-1.67-2.2717.18116605EC, Doz, Loss Progression
3117-1983-881Differential d’Alembert-3.23-2.84 13.46614262 EC, Win Progression
422-2081-723Paufler Traumprogression-4.44-3.05 16.26468231 Doz, Loss Progression
1688-2199-544!L 2Dozens + Martingale-3.47-1.70 8.87632942 Doz, Loss Progression, +ow
6169-2199-2188Wheel Radar-1.89-3.73 102.15116211Singles, Loss Progression
2001-2220203Up and On-2.000.36 74.381108421 EC, Win Progression
123-2361-1160golden Final 7-4.45-4.32 49.18530853 Single, Loss Progression, +ow
7-2378-552Martingale on 2 Columns-4.02-1.85 8.40591862 Col, Loss Progression, +ow
103-2433-1786Orphelins-2.53-3.67 55.9896267Split, Single, +ow
1590-2557-2028High/Low Martingale with ZeroStop-6.74-10.58 9.23379461 EC, Loss Progression
3000-2563-15083xEC Fibonacci-2.70-3.15 14.62948963 EC, Loss Progression
189-2608-291Martingale classique-6.03-1.337.83432641 EC, Loss Progression, +ow
4060-2673-1247Color Chase-6.09-5.62 8.94439261 EC, +ow
603-2722-799Favorite EC + Zero-3.02-1.75 23.4990106EC, Single, Loss Progression, +ow
99-2730-3354Thirds of the Wheel-2.13-5.17 41.661283526 Split, Loss Progression, +ow
574-2750-2118ALL IN ONE-5.50-8.39 124.38500001 EC, Stop
1308-2808-2214Martingale !L- D+C-2.26-3.53 24.31124152Doz, Col, Loss Progression

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