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CategoryidStrategyBalanceMedianTrendVarianceBet Volume
Split, Single, +ow103Orphelins-4424-2364-8.5551.6054356    
Singles, +ow3122terminating furious-4513-1792-13.4944.6826113    
3 EC, Loss Progression4623Hot EC Usury-4838-2225-1.7078.91256687    
Singles, +ow3400Single Fav2 to Fav3 +-4848-1797-6.0853.8758128    
1 EC, Loss Progression1949last Color win-4 loss+6 V2-4868-276-0.3182.73175400    
1 EC, Stop574ALL IN ONE-5000-500-3.28125.0030000    
Singles, Win Progression2900Winning at Last-5413-2411-5.6799.3583569    
17 Single, Loss Progression, +ow74Neighbors of Zero-9173-4945-11.8841.7681848    

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