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Roulette Strategies

In the database of roulette strategies you will find an overview of all results of the system tests from the roulette simulator. Use the buttons to sort the table.

184 records
idBalanceMedianTitleConversion %Trend %Step viewFlowchartsResultsForumVarianceBet VolumeRaise after
3270243723Karoly Keilprogression0.724.26 13.0933625loss
1861272633last opposed color0.683.15 14.1339892loss
5267822242Last Dozen +4.402.57 5.5718690loss
1552222568Thanos System0.482.43 17.0446398loss
18166911880of a Down +0.422.28 55.62162929loss
1019-929397The last 2 +-2.542.15 44.6436569loss
34-696603x Black→Black-11.822.021.645887loss
28857485slide back0.122.0013.6448061win
1669224204Loss Relativity1.011.83 5.9622122loss
1986811462Oscar’s Grind1.531.73 14.8153013win
20961812Sphinx1.171.55 1.331542loss
1390-33125the F-EC + Rotation-0.181.38 6.9617942loss
2090-1234EC frequency-0.231.313.005210loss
2900-3351872Winning at Last-2.431.26 96.64137667win
3326-393150Die unverlierbare Stella-1.631.24 8.0124054loss
353-391164Columns by Color-1.391.16 5.0428174loss
99-312669Thirds of the Wheel-0.261.09 39.55122082loss
3196-367293The last 3 +-0.681.08 49.0953935loss
286494168Fibonacci on Red1.571.06 5.8131507loss
327-9837813 SC static-0.651.03 21.69150312loss

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