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CategoryidStrategyBalanceMedianTrendVarianceBet Volume
Single, Six Line, Win Progression1077Beat the Wheel275011884.1185.0056836    
2 Doz, Loss Progression4279Dozens Splitter5096502.3158.9955474    
1 Single, Win Progression330Löwenherzstrategie047710.6919.758784    
Singles, Col, Loss Progression, Stops463712 Nuns40946812.9424.107115    
ECs, Loss Progression, +ow1390the F-EC + Rotation5764577.986.8311269    
1 Single, +ow, Stop > 02911the Random +58040726.226.493056    
1 EC, Loss Progression, +ow1035the F-EC +5243773.067.0124260    
1 EC, Loss Progression1861last opposed color-2033632.9013.8624622    
Singles, +ow4031first 3x Single-3123553.2225.4221696    
3 Single, Loss Progression, +ow, Stop > 01013Plein R+N+F21131712.7612.164901    
2 Doz, Loss Progression, +ow1688!L 2Dozens + Martingale-1002961.506.0438908    
4 Single, +ow, Stop > 03198die letzten 476629610.0614.545786    
Loss Progression, +ow1727all types of Restants +2312933.3714.9517112    
1 EC, Win Progression322Tiers et Tout1852821.5221.6136585    
1 EC, Loss Progression3278Balance Strategy362822.628.7621192    
Streets, Loss Progression, +ow2291,2,3.....Streets-1292511.2114.6940761    
3 Single, +ow, Stop > 03196The last 3 +-35025010.9111.414526    
1 Single, Loss Progression386on balance / bei Saldo8432443.0138.9715969    
EC, Single, Loss Progression, +ow, Stop > 100603Favorite EC + Zero-2742221.1619.7937812    
3 Single4599Cold Single Numbers6842222.4326.2218000    

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