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Roulette Strategies

In the database of roulette strategies you will find an overview of all results of the system tests from the roulette simulator. Use the buttons to sort the table.

184 records
idBalanceMedianTitleConversion %Trend %Step viewFlowchartsResultsForumVarianceBet VolumeRaise after
380326353789Ginessi1.273.63 105.22206738win
401780814Superlude Restants +0.285.56 33.5728972loss
2001-646805Up and On-0.551.36 75.90117011win
2095-106793Gold Bringer-0.091.26 38.32124333loss
15521144740Thanos System2.703.46 14.3642416loss
10871387639Doz²roy1.711.56 38.6180972loss
21715570Martingale on Red4.492.95 6.3438235loss
1531585551Martingale progressive1.402.61 10.7241803loss
26151489521Suparoli1.290.90 33.20115212loss
1241194500best Friend with Zero2.301.91 45.4751906loss
99696487Thirds of the Wheel0.560.78 39.85124134loss
169743486F-TVS + R-TVP + Zero1.311.7028.6656593loss
286384434Fibonacci on Red1.302.91 5.5029605loss
353249424Columns by Color0.852.87 4.8729262loss
4599492357Cold Single Numbers1.642.36 25.9330000
295241345Reverse Fibonacci on Black0.962.73 4.9825040win
288768303slide back1.591.2512.9848181win
386-610293on balance / bei Saldo-2.292.1837.4626674loss
1390466273the F-EC + Rotation2.673.10 6.1117459loss

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