Strategies for roulette

On you will find everything there is to know about systems and strategies for roulette. Uniformly documented strategy tests allow you to develop an own in-depth understanding of the possibilities of the game. Result overviews with detailed graphs and flowcharts indicate the specific characteristics of systems at first glance. is not an internet casino, but the only complete Roulette Strategy Simulation. But you can let your mind wander on your own game concepts, check, expand and improve progressions, patterns or figures. The offer is to simulate the bet at the game with the ball without long waits and the evaluation. Many enthusiasts have been cured of the blind faith in "all time winning roulette systems" and thus spared to carry huge amounts of real money in the casino or even to sink at an online casino.

Roulette Simulator

Each of the publicly callable system tests is always built on the exact same basis. By this principle all methods and approaches can be compared directly. All this happens in real time, the results of each test run immediately and directly in all ratings. On all numbers and data are always fully traceable.

If you log in, you have all possibilities to test your own game concepts. You can create your own strategies and explore them with own table limits and permanence. The Roulette simulator can generate tests with up to 10 million rounds, which makes undoubtedly every system clearly and unambiguously rayed. Your very own personal strategies and data are effectively protected against unauthorized access and are only available to you. Only on your explicit request your system will be published and then shows other interested people the ways and their boundaries of this classic game.

wheel for Roulette

Roulette and Strategy

Roulette strategies are probably just as old as the game itself. Even the saying "The bank always wins!" is probably known to most players. Contrary to this finding, it is attempted in various ways to gain an advantage through a structured approach, which is superior to the purely impulsive, intuitive gambling and thus also the casino. So let us refer to the test results of the purely mathematically best roulette system at this point, called "Bold Play". As complicated as the mathematical background may be, this system is that simple: Put everything on an easy chance, such as red. Should you win or lose: do not play any further. "Bold Play" is the extreme of Roulette and Strategy, because all of these use the two possibilities of influence left to the player: The amount of the bet and the decision to make any bet or not. The type of the chance to bet on is hardly significant, as the odds are balanced by the payout ratios. For the sake of completeness, the exception is mentioned: simple chances, these differ by the disbursement rate in the case of Zero. Since there is only win or loss in roulette, you can specify roulette strategies by this criterion as well. Most systems increase the bet after a loss, the others after a win. You will find on all imaginable modern and classic approaches. Should you actually miss something, here you have all the possibilities to fill this gap yourself.

Simulator for Strategies

The center of is the verifiable best and most comprehensive Roulette Simulator for Strategies. In contrast to all other software programs available on the market, it has the purpose to calculate exact, directly comprehensible and easily traceable results. Most analyzers, optimizers, robots, dashboards, apps and so on, only have the intention to suggest you allegedly better chances for "selected and tested online casinos". But here you can learn to understand what is actually possible with progressions / degressions, money management, patterns, figures, hot or cold chances, sectors, table or wheel games. Even if the functionality of the strategy editor does not (yet) fully satisfy your idea, you can definitely explore any conceivable concept, to recognize either your profit or the mistake that underlies this construct. Many strategies are designed to exploit statistical information - usually frequencies - of the previous permanence numbers. This is precisely the big advantage of the roulette strategy simulator of You can use logical opportunities such as "the hottest EC", "the penultimate dozen", "the sector of the singles opposite of the just fallen number", "all streets that have come less than y times in the last x spins", which can be directly selected and staked. Other software programs only count such statistical values and show them with often spectacular diagrams and graphics. goes the decisive step further and uses this data in the chances of the simulated strategies. In short:

  • Here you are invited to linger in order to understand.
  • Elsewhere, you will be pushed to an online casino, to...
Database of Roulette strategies

Database of Roulette Strategies

All systems published so far are clearly represented in the strategy database. The Top 10 of roulette strategies shows the upper portions of the three rating categories:

  • Balance - the overall balance of all the tests of the strategies
  • Median - average of the absolute balances in the history
  • Trend - the extrapolated conversion of all tests

For these ratings, the live updated overview graphs show the distribution of the overall results of all tests in the Database of Roulette Strategies. Beside a basic categorization and the links to the step views, flow charts and result overviews of the strategies, these values are also based on the test results:

  • Variance - the mean deviation from the trend
  • Volume - the turnover of all bets in all the tests of the strategy

For each roulette system, 20 standardized tests are published, whose data are provided in the test reports, both in terms of content and chronologically easily accessible. A new test can be started at any time. The results are displayed directly and in real time in all ratings and graphs. Due to the fluctuations in the results of the strategies, is the strategy database and thus also the Top 10, a snapshot of the totality of all available public data. The traceability of results is the paradigm of!

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