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Strategies for Roulette

At youroul.com you will find everything there is to know about Strategies for Roulette. Uniformly documented strategy tests allow you to develop an own in-depth understanding of the possibilities of the game. Result overviews with detailed graphical representations and flow charts show the specific characteristics of a strategy at first glance.

This is not an internet casino, but the only complete Roulette Strategy Simulation. You can simulate and evaluate roulette strategies - even your own - very quickly. But also find classics and new approaches directly via their test results.

"The bank always wins!" is probably known to the vast majority of players. The size of the stakes enables the player to have a significant influence on the outcome of the game. Known for this is the doubling strategy until the profit occurs, or the total loss through the limit. If you could increase the stake indefinitely, it would be an unbeatable long-term winning strategy. From which limits Roulette Strategies become lucrative, you can see in the strategy database, or summarized on the Pro Plan Information.

Roulette Simulator

The Roulette Simulator can generate tests with up to 10 million game rounds. For the Pro categories, 1 million game rounds are regularly tested in 20 tests with 50,000 rounds each.

A short video shows how strategies are created for the Roulette Simulator:

Your private roulette strategies and test data are effectively protected against unauthorized access. Your system will only be published at your express request.

Simulator for Strategies

Many Roulette Strategies are designed to use statistical information, mostly frequencies, of the preceding numbers. With the Simulator for Strategies, logical bets can be selected and used directly as such. Like for example:

  • the hot simple odds
  • the penultimate dozen
  • the sector of the singles opposite the number just fallen
  • all streets that have come less than y times in the last x spins

Other software programs only count such statistical values and display them in diagrams and graphics. Youroul.com goes the decisive step further and uses this data in the chances of the simulated strategies.

The paradigm of the Roulette Strategy Simulation is easy traceability for all systems, test results and the Strategy TOP 10.